Sunday, 3 July 2011

X-Japan - London, Shepherds Bush O2 Empire

Some of my photos and videos from the recent X-Japan show in London, Shepherds Bush O2 Empire.

First ten minutes of the show:

Endless Rain (Encore performance):

Art Of Life / Forever Love [Outro] (Encore Performance):

Was a good night overall, just felt the stage was a bit low and i couldn't see anything most of the time =_= ...

Monday, 30 May 2011

Metro City Subway Pass

This was something i picked up from the MCM Expo held over this past weekend at the RetroGT stall, was so great that it had to be bought immediately. It cost me £4, if anyone else wants to get one you can find it on their website

Saturday, 9 April 2011

3rd Birthday [Twisted Edition] - PSP - A Quick Look

I've wanted to play this game for quite a long time now, was going to try and hold out to save money, but since i'd eventually buy it anyway (plus i want to play something 'long' on a portable machine) i thought why not.

From what i understand the [Twisted Edition] is a PAL only special edition, which is nice, considering it took a while to release the game here.

Anyway the actual package comes with the game, two lithograph images, a hardback artbook (about 30 or so pages i think), and two codes for PSN (one for a special Aya Brea costume for FF Dissidia 2 and one for 50% off of Final Fantasy II).

The actual artbook is pretty cool, not as many character concept drawings as i would have liked, but very nice to own anyway.

Anyway you can see the images of the artbook and lithographs below

As for the game itself, so far i'm enjoying it, have been waiting a while for this as i previously mentioned (pretty much since i finished playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker).

I've never played any of the other Parasite Eve games, will probably buy them off of PSN after i complete this, so not too sure how it compares.

The level up system seems pretty interesting and the game overall reminds me a little of MGS:PW (without all the stealth sorta stuff), which i also really enjoyed, so i think i'd put quite alot of time into playing this.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Taylor Swift Mii (v.1) Qr Code

Spent a while trying to make a Taylor Swift Mii, this is the first version of it, i'm still trying to make it a bit more 'accurate' but currently this is the best i could do.

I pretty much did this from scratch, tried doing it with the 3DS photo maker thing but it wasn't very good, so had to change that version quite alot.

But anyway opinions welcome as well as if anyone had any suggestions to make it look better.